Minneapolis tornado(es?)


by Erica Mauter | August 19, 2009 • At least one funnel cloud touched down in South Minneapolis this afternoon. Damage was visible in downtown Minneapolis (hole in the roof of the convention center, Central Lutheran church steeple) and down the I-35W corridor, just to the east of the highway. This flickr set documents the damage seen on Portland Ave.

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The Electric Fetus record store, located at Franklin Ave and 4th Ave S, had its two large front windows blown in and suffered a partial roof collapse.

One Twin Cities driver caught a photo of a funnel cloud while sitting on 35W.

This is a view of downtown:

Originally uploaded by Murdock’s Photography.

The UpTake has video of damage downtown.

WCCO has the basics and some photos. MPR has been updating all afternoon and has even more photos. Molly Priesmeyer has been tweeting fantastic observations and reports from damaged areas in South Minneapolis (starting with this tweet). The big story there seems to be that no one heard the warning sirens until 20-25 minutes AFTER the storm hit.

I saw many comments about how tornadoes never hit cities like this. I think back to the storm downtown Atlanta suffered last spring. Not unheard of. But obviously with so much more concentrated in an area, the potential damage is greater.

Haven’t heard of any casualties so far. Hopefully there were none.

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