FREE SPEECH ZONE | Minneapolis Star Tribune Caught In Lie Of Omission- Call To Action


On Monday, September 25th the Minneapolis Star Tribune had a
front page article on the release from Iran of three hikers.
One of them, Shane Bauer is originally from Minnesota. The
problem with the story is that it is based on falsehoods.
The article can only be described as a thinly disguised
propaganda piece. It is a serious and blatant lie of omission,
which is how the mainstream media tends to operate in this day
and age. The article, which is an Associated Press article by
Verena Dobnik shows a picture of the Press Conference with
the recently released Americans, Shane Bauer and Joshua Fattal.
There are also quotes from them, all of which are put completely
out of context. The lies of the Associated Press and repeated
by the Star Tribune are lies of omission.

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Link to Democracy Now article with transcript of press release

Link to Star Tribune article

What is missing is the point that both these young men made
over and over. That they tied their case to political prisoners
here in the United States, as well as Iran. They also spoke of
how the Iranian guards often used Guantanamo as an excuse
for their being held hostage. On top of this, the young men
made references of thanks to people like Hugo Chavez and Cindy
Sheehan, Nobel Peace Prize winner Mairead Corrigan for their
parts in their release. They were very clear and explicit in
their points and they made them over and over.

Unfortunately for the Associated Press and the Star Tribune
the entire Press Conference can be found easily by checking
the show Democracy Now with Amy Goodman, airing September 26th.

We should publicly condemn the Star Tribune for this blatant attempt
to hoodwink the people of Minnesota. As I have said repeatedly, the
mainstream media have proven themselves to be an enemy
of an informed public and so, by extension an enemy of democracy
itself. It has gotten so bad and so blatant with so many issues that
the media can now be rightly called traitors to this democratic Republic
in which we live.

We live today as corporate slaves. They own the media, the politicians,
the political system, the courts, the legal system. Those who work for
them today are working with the enemies of We The People. It is that simple
and direct.” People need to decide, as Natalie Merchant sang in
the classic labor struggle song “What Side Are You On?”

We who have a subscription to the Star Tribune
to cancel it and tell them why. Demand that they start allowing truth
into their paper and that then you will reactivate your subscription.

Until then I suggest that the people of Minnesota look
elsewhere for their news and information. Democracy Now is a good
place to start. My outlook and information has been revolutionized by turning
into Link TV. It has become indispensable.

I call on all activists, truth seekers and truth tellers to flood the office of the
Star Tribune with phone calls, e mails, physical protests and other
forms of communication demanding that they stop lying to us
and start allowing the truth be published in it.

The phone number of the Star Tribune is (612)673-4000 the
e mail address is and their
address is 425 Portland Ave S. , Minneapolis, MN 55488

Michael Cavlan ran against Senator Klobuchar in 2006 as
the endorsed Green Party candidate. This time he will
run under the Minnesota Open Progressive banner but will
gladly accept and and all support from all people who are
tired of being lied to by the current political establishment.

To quote George Orwell –

– In times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.