Minneapolis’ Bike Program Records Achievements


Minneapolis is a great place to bike. Part of the reason so many Minneapolitans bike is the excellent bike infrastructure available. Every year, more bike trails are added and more bike parking racks installed.

The Minneapolis Bicycle Advisory Committee sent out its 2005 Minneapolis Bicycle Program Accomplishments Report. Here’s their list of projects completed and projects underway:


Planning Initiated:
SEMI – Granary Road
Diamond Lake Road Bicycle Lanes
27th Avenue NE Trail
38th Street Station Area Trails
Minneapolis 10-year Transportation Plan

Funding Secured in 2005:
$4,940,000 in total funding secured for the bicycle program in 2005*
($4,388,000 in total funding secured for the bicycle program in 2004)
$3,000,000 for Cedar Lake Trail (Phase 3) (2008)
$1,500,000 Federal High Priority funding for the Midtown Greenway Bridge over the Mississippi River (2008)
$200,000 Minneapolis Net Debt Bonds for the Upper River Phase 1 Trails (2010)
$100,000 Minneapolis Net Debt Bonds for the Hennepin Ave/1st Ave NE Bicycle Lanes (2007)
$100,000 DNR funds for the NE Diagonal Trail (2006)
$40,000 for Bicycle Parking (2010)
*Does not include Non-Motorized Pilot Program funding

Funding (Pending):
$1,000,000 Federal Enhancements funding for the RiverLake Greenway pending TEA-21 regional solicitation approval
$1,000,000 Federal Enhancements funding for the 18th Ave NE Trail (Marshall to Monroe) pending TEA-21 regional solicitation approval
$1,000,000 Federal Enhancements funding for the West River Parkway Trail (42nd to Godfrey)

Right-of-Way Secured:
Agreement with Allina to construct Midtown Greenway Bicycle Station

On-Going Design/Pre-Construction Work:
Northeast Diagonal
RiverLake Greenway (East of I35W)
Upper River Trails (Phase 1)
Hennepin/1st Ave NE bicycle lanes
18th Ave NE Trail
Cedar Lake Trail (Phase 3)
U of M Trail (Phase 3)
Midtown Greenway Art in Public Places project
St. Anthony Trail/Columbia Park Trail
RiverLake Greenway (I35W Pedestrian Bridge)
Ryan Lake Trails
26th Avenue North Trail

Design/Pre-Construction Work Completed:
Ewing Corridor improvements
Hiawatha Trail Connections
Midtown Greenway Bridge over Hiawatha
Midtown Greenway Bicycle Station
Nokomis Bicycle Routes
Crosstown Project Bicycle Accommodations
Lowry Avenue Bicycle Lanes
North Star Commuter Rail LRT Extension/Commuter Rail Platform
North Minneapolis bicycle lanes (Plymouth Ave, 26th Ave N, 42nd Ave N, 2nd St N)

Projects Under Construction:
Central Avenue Trail
Midtown Greenway (Phase 3)
Heritage Park; Van White Memorial Boulevard Trail
Loring Bikeway Art in Public Places project
Bikeways Cleanup Project

Projects Completed:
0.17 miles of new trails added in 2005
1 mile of new bicycle lanes added in 2005
Loring Bikeway Bridge
Como Avenue bicycle lanes
Cedar Lake Road Bridge bicycle accommodations
2005 bicycle rack cost share program installations
Added bicycle parking service requests to the 311 one-call system
Victory Memorial Parkway Trail repaved
Lake of the Isles Trail repaved
Ford Bridge Connection

Bicycle Program Outreach:
City of Minneapolis staff participation in the National Committee on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (NCUTCD)
Collaborated with the U of M students/professors on several bicycle related studies and papers
Discussions with the City of Richfield, Bloomington, Edina, and Three Rivers Parks District regarding bicycle routes within the four cities
Discussions with the City of St Paul regarding bicycle routes connecting the two cities
Worked with MnDOT, Transit of Livable Communities, and Rails to Trails Conservancy on the Non-Motorized Pilot Program

2005 Events:
2005 Commuter Challenge (BBOP)
2005 Rails to Trails International Conference
Great River Energy Bicycle Festival
Midtown Greenway Arbor Day Event
Minneapolis TMO Commuter Fairs

2005 Projects Behind Schedule

Bryant Ave Bikeway – CARAG neighborhood NRP project to place experimental bicycle chevron pavement markings on roadway surface to better mark Bryant Avenue South as a bicycle route from the Midtown Greenway to the RiverLake Greenway (40th Street Greenway). Corridor not wide enough to support bicycle lanes and parking on both sides. Currently awaiting approval from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to use this experimental treatment. Project will be completed in Spring 2006.

U of M Trail (Phase 3) – Federal project to connect the Dinkytown Bikeway Connection (Bridge 9) to the existing Transitway Trail near Oak Street. Partnership between City of Minneapolis and U of M. Project has a very long history dating back to the mid 1990’s. Project budgeted to be completed in 2005, however the U of M was able to acquire property along 5th Avenue SE, which now allows the trail to be relocated reducing the need for additional right-of-way from the BNSF railroad. This property was found to be contaminated and the need for environmental cleanup contributed to the delay. There are still unresolved property issues with the railroad and the U of M. There is uncertainty regarding the current trail alignment due to the proposed new Gophers Stadium (the new Stadium will force the relocation of the Transitway Trail and may result in changes to this project’s alignment). It is now expected that the trail will be fully designed and all right-of-way secured by September 2006 with construction realistically to be done in 2007.

Hiawatha Trail Connections – Project includes a trail from the existing LRT Trail at 11th Avenue South to Chicago Avenue South near the Metrodome in addition to bicycle lanes along 3rd Street South. Project sunset occurred before all state approvals were obtained and federal funding was lost. Project is fully designed and ready to bid out. Public Works is exploring grant opportunities that would complete the project in 2007.

NE Diagonal Trail – Project includes a trail along the HCRRA right-of-way in NE Minneapolis and Stinson Boulevard connecting to Trails in the City of Roseville and to Bikeways near the U of M. Project design nearly complete, however there still remains some neighborhood controversy in the Como Neighborhood regarding alignment and facility type. Design to be resolved in early 2006 with construction to occur in 2006.

North Minneapolis Bicycle Routes – Project includes:
Bicycle lanes along Plymouth Avenue North between Wirth Parkway and West River Road,
Bicycle lanes along 26th Avenue North between Wirth Parkway and 2nd Street North,
Bicycle lanes along 2nd Street north between Downtown Minneapolis and Lyndale Avenue North
Bicycle lanes along 42nd Avenue North between Victory Memorial Parkway and Lyndale Avenue North
Project delayed due to technical challenges discovered in the design process. When these issues were resolved it was too late in the season to stripe. Project will be done in April 2006.

Nokomis Bicycle Routes – Project now includes bicycle way-finding signage along 50th Street South and Nokomis Avenue to better direct bicyclists. Most signs to be installed in Winter 2006 with a few signs requiring new poles to be installed in Spring 2006.

Minneapolis/St Paul bicycle map – Project was started, however lack of adequate funding and contract issues with the preferred vendor has postponed the project.

Cedar Lake Trail (Phase 3) – Project includes a trail along the BNSF from the existing Cedar Lake Trail to West River Parkway. Project to be completed in 2007 in collaboration with the North Star Commuter Rail construction process. $1.8 million in funding is still required to finish the project and state funding has been requested. $6.7 million has already been secured for this project and right-of-way is needed from multiple property owners.