Minneapolis 2nd Ward. Green and DFL


by Sheldon Mains | April 18, 2009 • I just came back from the Minneapolis 2nd Ward DFL (Democratic-Farmer-Labor; what the Democratic party is called in Minnesota) endorsing convention.

Random Stuff From Sheldon

For the first time since the 60’s, there was no one running for the DFL endorsement for City Council in the 2nd ward. The only reason I can see for this is a little complex:

* The current Council Member for the ward only Green Party member of the city council.
* Neither the Minnesota Green Party or the Minnesota DFL party allows for the endorsement of a member of another party or the endorsement of the same candidate by two parties. He fits the ward well.
* The 2nd ward is probably the most liberal part of a liberal city.
* The current council member does a very good job with everything from consituent services to mirroring the values of the ward.

So, what does a political party do when a member of an oposition party is well liked by its members? In this case, it first passes a motion of no endorsement that prohibits the party central committee from endorsing anyone before the election. This also was done in a way that strictly followed party rules. It then passes a resolution that is a close as possible to an endoresement without being an endorsement:

WHEREAS, Council Member Cam Gordon has done an excellent job serving Minneapolis’s Second Ward, and

WHEREAS, Cam Gordon has represented us in a manner consistent with the progressive values of the Democrats of the Second Ward, and

WHEREAS, the rules of our party do not allow for an endorsement of anyone who is a member of another political party, therefore

BE IT RESOLVED that the Democrats of the Second Ward do not endorse anyone for 2nd Ward Council Member, but do support the re-election of Cam Gordon to the Minneapolis City Council in 2009.

Both the motion and the resolution passed by around 90%.

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