Minneapolis 13th Ward City Council candidates answer your questions here!


Do you have a burning question you want to ask the 13th Ward City Council candidates? Here’s your chance to get a closer look and engage the candidates in a direct and unique way. Twin Cities Daily Planet has invited all the candidates to participate in an online forum where you get to ask the questions. To get started, we’ve asked the candidates to supply a brief bio, and answer the following question:

“What would be your top three priorities as a member of the Minneapolis City Council?

Read the bios that they provided, and their answers to the question, posted below in alphabetical order, and then it’s your turn to ask a question. Post your questions as comments, either using Facebook or our in-house commenting system, and the candidates will give you their replies. 

We will continue to update the site with the candidates’ information as we receive it from the candidates. Missy Durant was the first of the 13th Ward City Council candidates to reply. We are still waiting for responses from: 


Missy Durant

Missy Durant’s Bio: I love Minneapolis and recognize its unique qualities that should not be taken for granted. I am an experienced problem solver, not a political insider. I am a citizen with a business background and experience to produce results. I am passionate about making sure You have a voice. Learn more about the issues that important to me here.

Missy Durant’s Top Priorities:  When I worked at Best Buy, every October one of the leaders would stand up in a meeting and announce “This is the most important holiday season ever!”.  Even though we all laughed, it was true.  So when I say, “This is the most important election ever!” people will roll their eyes, but it’s true.

At least 7 of the 13 City Council members will be new and we’ll have a new Mayor.  There’s an opportunity to come together as a group of leaders, create a shared vision and goals to keep moving our city toward the list of top cities in the country.  

First I’ll help lead the planning for the 5-year goal setting and strategic direction.  What we focus on matters.  Getting 14 strong-minded leaders to work together is not easy work, but it’s the right work that has to happen if we want accelerate our ability to get outcomes. I’ve done this before with proven results.  That doesn’t mean starting from scratch, but building on the good work that’s been done.  

Next, I’ll focus on bringing the right people together to the table around each goal to create a plan, with specific measurable outcomes.

Finally, when we are making decisions as leaders, I’ll ensure we are always tacking those decisions back to the original goals.  Before a new or old project I’ll ask ‘What problem are we trying to solve.’  By asking the right questions up front, we can stay focused on the future by making the right decisions today.

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