MUSIC REVIEW | Milo Greene fill up the 7th Street Entry


I became acquainted with Milo Green when they opened for the Civil Wars last fall at the State Theatre (not to be confused with Cee-Lo-Green! I definitely never thought that). Now headlining and selling out shows on their own tour with their new shiny self-titled album in tow, the band is filling, albeit small, venues. Well—at least they filled the 7th Street Entry to capacity on Wednesday, August 8. They’re actually coming back in November to the Varsity Theater, which will most definitely be a better fit for the band—literally, because the five-person band was practically falling off the stage.

I can’t say the concert was that much different from when they opened for The Civil Wars. They played pretty much everything (if not everything) from their debut album plus a cover of Sufjan Steven’s “Chicago” (which, I might add, is better than the original song, and that’s saying a lot). And that was it; their set was maybe just over an hour long. Considering their 36-minute album took about two and a half years to produce, I have no reason to hope they’ll be poppin’ out more music any time soon.

But I’m getting way ahead of myself—and them! What they do have now is one heck of an album. Their (unnofficial?) hit song “1957” is a quick song to like, but also possesses the endurance that quality songs have. The album is solid all the way through too, from “What’s the Matter” to “Son My Son.” Despite consistent difficulties with the sound during their show (lots of talking back!), Milo Greene (who looked more comfortable in their hipster street clothes than their formalwear on David Letterman) was as good live as they are coming through my speakers.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Family of the Year (if not only because I was introduced to Milo Greene as an opener), another five-person band that also includes only one girl opened for Milo Greene also from L.A. Family of the Year was a quirky mixture of people and genre and style. They succeeded in entertaining, I even had one of their songs stuck in my head the other day (something about bringing the ocean, the motion, making a love potion … yeah, that kind of song). 

Since their tour with The Civil Wars, Milo Greene have surely making a name for themselves (even though the origins of the enigmatic Milo Greene are hazy.) They’re better suited for a bigger venue, so I look forward to what they’ll do at the Varsity … and if they have any new material with them.

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