Midtown Farmers Market: Market report with Veseli Orchard


Dare we say it? Perhaps we’ll whisper it so summer doesn’t disappear too quickly…apples have arrived at the market. The early-season apples that is – the State Fair and the Mantet. They’re from Denny Havlicek’s orchard – Veseli Vrsek. In this week’s Market Report we talk to Denny to find out more about the apples, what we can expect to see coming in this fall, and how he keeps his crops free from pests. [Audio below]

Market Report Notes:

  • The apple varieties you’ll find at the market right now are Mantet and State Fair – both apples have a nice consistency and a bit of a zip. Denny says that they’re great for eating as they are or baking.
  • Fresh basswood honey from the orchard is also available at the Veseli market stand. It’s a delicate honey with floral notes.
  • Denny has been coming to the Midtown Farmers Market since it first opened, and he will be bringing apples from his orchard in Webster throughout the fall. Expect to see Zestar, Sweet Tango, and Honeycrisp as the season progresses.

State Fair apples are in at the Midtown Farmers Market.

Havlicek’s Veseli Vrsek (Happy Hill) Orchard is located in Webster, MN and apples are available throughout the fall at the Midtown Farmers Market, Kingfield Market, Nicollet Mall Market, and the Minneapolis Market.

The Midtown Farmer’s Market is open Tuesdays from 3-7 p.m., and Saturdays from 8 a.m. – 1 p.m. Check out its website for more of what’s fresh at the market.

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