PHOTO ESSAY | Midtown Greenway celebrates cycling in Minneapolis


Maybe distant notes of blues music were your first clue. Or perhaps, as you biked down the Midtown Greenway, you saw clusters of tents and people in the distance. Regardless of how you found it, if you were cycling on the Midtown Greenway on the afternoon of July 14, you probably pulled off the path to check out the Midtown Greenway Community Bike Festival, just across from the Freewheel Midtown Greenway Bike Center.

When I stopped by the festival, about 50 people were milling half a dozen tents the Grand Marquis played on a patio overlooking the Greenway. At their tents, cycling organizations gave out swag and talked to visitors about their organization. Wells Fargo, the Midtown Greenway Coalition, and the Freewheel Midtown Bike Center collaborated to put on the festival.  Chris Wurtz of Wells Fargo coordinated the festival and said that goal was “to increase awareness of biking as a safe and healthy activity.”   I am sure his goal was met, but I also saw a lot of people having a lot of fun getting together to celebrating cycling in Midtown.


Nice Ride gave free test rides.

The Grand Marquis brought Kansas City blues to Minneapolis.


Mason Misch (center) and friend Susie Gottel (left) brought a fire pit down to festival, pulling it behind Misch’s tandem bicycle. Misch also supplied marshmallows and roasting sticks.


Nate Hart-Andersen of Nice Ride sizes a festival goer with a free helmet. They come in three sizes but only one color: Nice Ride green.


The Major Taylor Bicycling Club showed off some slick jerseys at their tent. Named after a legendary African American cyclist, the club promotes cycling in the African American community.


Traffic was heavy on the Greenway.


Dave Schueler crashed his bike recently, but did not let his broken arm stop him from riding in a tour organized by the festival.


Were you there? What did you see on the Midtown Greenway this weekend?