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Greetings and solidarity from Minnesota.

This is a very quick update on our efforts in Minnesota. I am of course working to be a Minnesota candidate for United States Senate. Thereby replacing Democratic Senator Amy Klobuchar.

However, since I am not a Democrat or Republican and we do not live in a true and equal democracy, my campaign and I have to gather 2000 signatures to have the “right” to get on the ballot here. We have two weeks to do so. At last count we have about 20 people willing to gather a variety of signatures. Upon the suggestion of one of our team members, I have been advised to send out regular memos on where we are in the process. We started today May 22nd and have until June 5th 5 pm to gather and submit the needed signatures.

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As is my habit, I never count signatures until they are in my hands. With that said, we have as of today 210 signatures which we gathered by two teams of two people each, working in Minneapolis. This does not count the signatures that I know have been gathered by about three other team working today. We have a goal of 2800 needed, to provide a “bump” for any spoiled or challenged signatures. That means that as of today, we need another 2590 signatures.

It is a great start and people seemed very open to the novel idea of ordinary people having the “right” to be on the ballot in Minnesota. Some told me that they were grateful that I was running and standing up for true democracy.

That must be what they mean when they use terms like “Minnesota Nice.”

I will regularly keep you updated over the next two weeks.

You can find out more about the campaign at our facebook site – Michael Cavlan for US Senate 2012



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