Michael Cavlan: Media coverage of climate change march in New York



I am getting tired of this. Reporting on critically important stories that the local and national corporate media flat out refuse to cover. The media in our nation have failed us completely. Again.

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This Sunday there was a march in New York. Approximately 300,000 people marched to call for action. Calling on the people in power to do something about global climate change. They know as many of us also know, that the current actions of the status quo will in all likelihood lead to ecological disaster and possibly the end of civilization and humanity on this planet.

In both marches are heroes from Minnesota. Sam Wagner of Occupy Minnesota, Patricia Shepard of Idle No More were there. I also have heard unconfirmed reports that young Elliot Hughes, who had been tortured by the St Paul Police during the 2008 RNC has been arrested. Yet none of these heroes will be interviewed or even acknowledged by the Star Tribune, MPR, WCCO, KSTP or any of the other corporate media in this state.

There was virtually no corporate media coverage of the march. Not CNN-MSNBC-FOX News-Al Jazeera America. While I did not read the Minneapolis Star Tribune we can assume if there was any coverage that it was biased and not reporting on the real issues involved. The same can be said for MPR.

The above video clip is from a young man who was there the day after. Reporting on the Flood Wall Street Action. These young warriors are standing up for their planet, their future. That means your our planet, your future, your children’s planet and future too. They do not deserve the complete disrespect that all the corporate media gives them. We Minnesotans and the American people also deserve more respect and information than what we currently get on “mainstream” AKA corporate media. It was deeply ironic that CNN did an editorial on “Why people Do Not Trust Us In The Media.’ on the same day as the New York Climate Change March. Needless to say their pro-corporate coverage and propaganda was not mentioned.

The corporate media have proven themselves to be the enemy of an informed public. Which makes them the enemies of this democratic Republic that we live in. The next time you go to buy a paper or turn on your TV or radio for news remember this. The next time you are approached by a reporter remember this. Let them know that you do not trust them.

Remember that knowledge is power.

Then turn your back on them and walk away.