MDH documents posted


On February 3, 2012, I inspected a batch of documents at the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) pertaining to a contract with the Maine Health Information Center (MHIC) to collect “encounter” data related to Minnesota’s public health care programs.

In 2008, the Minnesota legislature tasked the MDH with collecting and analyzing data on prices and outcomes related to Minnesota’s public health care programs, with the ultimate aim of making program improvements. While the MDH was tasked with the analysis work, the collection task largely fell to a private contractor slated to work with MDH. In 2008, the MHIC was chosen as the private contractor to perform this work.

PRM has acquired the State’s RFP for the work, the MHIC’s response to the RFP, and documents related to the State’s contract with MHIC. We have posted these materials in our document archive.