COMMUNITY VOICES | Mayoral candidate house raid on election day – Local corporate media nowhere to be found


In case we had any doubt that the local corporate media have lost all journalistic ethics and integrity and cannot be  trusted to inform us, the people of Minnnesota about important stories, this case should remove that doubt. There are undoubtedly good people working in the corporate media but the corporate ownership have lost our faith and trust in the Fourth Estate of today.

First apologies for this story being so  late but I had a personal medical crisis that kept me from reporting- Until now.

Election day, Tuesday Novemeber 5th. Mayoral candidate Jaymie Kelly was sleeping at her Powderhorn home when at 5:00 am members of the Hennepin County Sheriff’s office including apparently Sheriff Stanik himself. They busted in the front door windows and busted in her back door. They rushed up the stairs and grabbed her. They also grabbed Jaymie’s gaughter, placing her in handcuffs.

Jaymie Kelly is a 64 year old grandmother and widow. Who was facing the foreclosure of her home after being manipulated into signing a  predatory loan from a Bank, shortly after her husband died.

She was also a Minneapolis Mayoral candidate running under the No  More Foreclosures banner and working with the local Occupy Homes movement and other activists to save her home from these predatory bank lenders.

Below is link to Huffinngton Post story

Yet as complelling as this story is, a 64 year old widowed grandmother running for office on the issue of foreclosures, having her house raid and windows smashed by Hennepin County Sheriff’s officers, on election day, there was stunning lack of coverage in the local corporate media. Minneapolis Star Tribune, MPR, KSTP etc etc. Nothing, no coverage. The Huffington Post based in southern California did  a story but none of the local press. Oh they all knew about it. They were all contacted but none seemed interested in covering the story.

The activists helped to take back Jaymie’s home later that same morning. As in other evictions Occupy Homes has a quick reaction force set in.

Later that same morning I proudly went with Jaymie Kelly and we both voted at the Powderhorn Park Community Center. I am sure you can guess who one of my choices were.