Mashed potato wrestling?! Where?!


You know that we’re in the midst of the Minneapolis Aquatennial, but did you know that Polka Days are coming up this weekend in New Ulm? What if you felt like watching a minnow race…or a turtle race? What are “Woodies on the Water,” and why have they been celebrated in Duluth for ten years? Where, oh where, can a person find a good Swedish Coffee Party these days?

You may grumble about the potholes still remaining in your street, but once you take a gander at the Festival and Event Guide at the state-sponsored Explore Minnesota Tourism site, you won’t be able to say that the folks down at the Capitol have completely squandered your tax dollars. The site’s search filters are a little unwieldy and the numerous results are returned in alphabetical order—but that means that you’re apt to stumble upon unexpected events. Maybe you could have guessed that Minnesota was home to a Finn Fest or two, but the hot metal pours and eggstravaganzas will take you by surprise.

Jay Gabler is assistant editor of the Daily Planet.