FREE SPEECH ZONE | Marshall’s/TJ Maxx = Fitness Trip


It’s the beginning of the year when gyms are crowded, everyone is thinking about getting healthy, there are tons of weight loss promotion gimmicks and we are all thinking how we can just quickly drop those pestering pounds.

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And every year, I belong to that same group of people who lose momentum after the first 30 minutes on the elliptical. That machine is good for maintenance…but it’s so boring.

However, after months, maybe years, of browsing through the home fitness products available at TJ Maxx/Marshall’s – I finally decided to take the financial plunge and pay $2.99 (yes, that’s under $3 pre-tax) to buy a Shape Fitness DVD. Ok people, this DVD costs more than $8 at most other giant retail shops. You can also buy kettlebells, weights, yoga mats, ankle weights, and a whole host of random fitness equipment that they have on stock.

The one I got was pretty good – there are four 10 minute exercises to target different areas of your body. I have already tried the ab workout. Cool new moves that I haven’t seen before – no crunches – but make your abs feel totally burned out. Good workout.

If I were you, I’d try to make it convenient for myself to exercise at home. That way…you have no excuse!

C’mon 2011 is almost 1/12 over!