Made in Minnesota: GoGirl FUD


by Erica Mauter | September 4, 2009 • GoGirl set up shop at a number of Lynx games this summer. My gf earned me a free one by agreeing to sport a GoGirl temporary tattoo. They’ve been to BlogHer, they’ve been hanging out at the State Fair and had a great segment on KARE11 this week which you should totally watch.

So it’s a female urination device (FUD) which allows women to pee standing up. They stressed that it is NOT a collection device and that you should perhaps practice in the showerfirst, which I did. It works great! They also emphasized the importance of creating a seal and I can attest that that is very important as you absolutely do not want to leak out the back end of the device if you’re using it with clothes on. The flexibility of the material makes this a little difficult to feel out, so a little bit of practice and learning to trust it is required. is a cityblog for and about life in the Twin Cities, published by Erica Mauter. Contact

It just sank in for me that it completely eliminates that pesky squatting/hovering problem. Your GoGirl is not just for camping. It’s for public restrooms! That makes for a whole lot more opportunities to use it.

I just love the logo.

And hey, they have brown people in their stock photography. I give ‘em points just for that. They’ve got a nice social media presence which they appear to be using well and they even linked Wikipedia in their product description. Regardless of what I may think of their product, I like the way they’re going about this.

They’ve had the GoGirl Mini Cooper parked in the Target Center, too. I’d drive that around.

(Actually, I’m not sure if they’re manufactured in Minnesota, but they are HQed in Minnetonka.)