LynLake Festival and Open Streets Lyndale: Traditional arts, alternative transportation and food


Sunday was a gorgeous day for a street festival. Lyndale and Lake was the place to be, where Open Streets Lyndale coincided with the LynLake Festival. LynLake is a music and food extravaganza from noon to 8:00 pm featuring a row of food trucks and local bands such as Dosh and Secret Stash Soul Review.

We saw Dosh, who record live beats and immediately play them back with the live performance to produce many layers of sound with just two performers. They were fun to watch; the sound was great. A little experimental but also very accessible to a beer-drinking, sun-loving audience.

Open Streets is a block party from 22nd St to 42nd St that celebrates alternative forms of transportation – really any form other than the one-car-one-driver model. The festivities include a Velcro wall, booths from local shop owners and restaurants, lots of information on demonstrations from bikes, skateboards, busses, Cars2Go and other modes of transportation. There were a few bands playing. We caught a dance in the Dance Shanty (from the winter Art Shanty show on White Bear Lake). 

The event also included a popup theater for children at Zeus Jones. The performance was called Fluff, and it was a very inventive story about how a girl with lollipop hands talks a 114-year-old baker into touring a mystical candyland to find her parents, the turtles It’s very participatory and kid-friendly with just enough energy and jokes to keep parents amused, too.