Longfellow’s coffee houses


I think by now I’ve frequented practically every coffee cafe in Longfellow. And I’ve concluded we are exceptionally well served in this particular area. They are all nice to go to, but I think I’m getting a sense of personal hierarchy. And today I might have found my number one choice.

I walked to Mother Earth Gardens to shop for something to enhance backyard bird feeling. The item I wanted I had seen there weeks ago. Since Riverview Cafe is directly across 42nd Ave, it seemed like a perfect opportunity to drink coffee and contemplate.

This is not at all my first visit, but recently I’ve come to know about musical activities there, so I wanted to see what more I could find out. What posters might be on walls and windows.

I got a cup of plain coffee (still sold many places). And a plastic container of assorted fruit. I got a table, a couple sections of the Star Tribune and sat down to enjoy the coffee. I also sort of visually took in the place.

My impression is of a place made comfortable for mature customers and families. They have a cubby hole with a million toys for kids. A couple of couches, maybe a half dozen arm chairs. And, of course, coffee in all its 21st century permutations along with a glass case of inviting goodies (cake, cookies, quiche, and more).

I guess that the bottom line is I like the whole vibe. The music playing was a medley of blues and jazz. Other places where music is played seems to be in alternative forms that I, not a radio listener, have no ear for. My generation had classic rock, blues, and jazz as the music of our lives.

Add it all up and it is the place for me.