A little different wedding


There are differences and common wedding ceremonies in Cambodia, between city and the countryside communities.

This blog features new Minnesotans who are studying English at Rondo Community Outreach Library in St. Paul. This blog entry was written by Sovanthy Meng.

Common: The groom asks his parents to get the bride. After that, their parents need to set up the appointment to see each other. If they both agree, they pick a date for engagement. The bride’s and groom’s families go to the temple to see Buddha, asking the monks to find the best day for their son and daughter wedding ceremonies and get blessings from them, too.

In the morning, traditional ceremonies are always at the bride’s house with traditional music and clothes. The groom’s family pays all the expenses. The bride and groom’s families need to invite their own guests.

At the doorway. the bride and the groom stand with two men and two women to welcome both their guests and put unreal plover on their guest’s cloths. Every body at the bride and the groom’s families put on roses at their clothes too, easy to know. The guests eat, drink and dance for free. The guests give the gift money to the bride and groom.

The difference: Just at night party. The city people do this party at the restaurant with modern dress and music. This wedding ceremony for people living in the city is more like a business wedding, but for people at the countryside they do both times at their house and seem more family and more friendly.