Lilligren challenges Warsame’s DFL endorsement in Minneapolis city council race


City Council Member Robert Lilligren believes that the recent Ward 6 DFL caucus and convention were flawed, and he has asked the DFL to rescind its endorsement of Abdi Warsame, according to an MPR report this morning.

Lilligren’s request comes on the heels of allegations of bullying, bribes, and intimidation at the caucus.

“There was a lot of chaos, a lack of control by the party officials,” Lilligren told MPR. “My opponent’s campaign in many places were actually controlling the caucus.”

Warsame maintains that his campaign followed the rules of the caucus and the convention. “People are making up stories,” he told the Star Tribune. “They have to find an excuse so all of a sudden the establishment feels overwhelmed and the underdogs, the newcomers, are somehow intimidating. We follow the rules.”

The request will be reviewed this summer by the DFL.

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