Legal updates: Eviction, Filesharing


Rosemary Williams, fighting to stay in her home of 26 years, was dealt another defeat on Thursday, when a judge ordered her out within seven days. Williams supporters had sued to enjoin the eviction, arguing that allowing foreclosed homes to sit vacant creates a public nuisance, but the court dismissed their claims. Madeleine Baran, who previously reported this story for the TC Daily Planet, continues to follow it from her new vantage point at MPR. Negotiations between Williams and lender GMAC Mortgage continue.

Minnesotan Jammie Thomas-Rasset was ordered to pay $1.92 million dollars in the first music filesharing case to go to trial in the country, reports AP. This is a retrial – the first trial ended in an order for $222,000 payment, and Thomas-Rasset won a retrial on appeal. That’s $80,000 per song for the Brainerd mother of four, who said “there’s no way they’re ever going to get that” because she just doesn’t have the money. Recording industry spokespersons said they were willing to talk settlement, but named no specific figures.

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