MUSIC | LCD Soundsystem at the Roy Wilkins Auditorium


LCD Soundsystem came to the Twin Cities with Hot Chip on Saturday night, packing the Roy Wikins Auditorium.

James Murphy and company came on a little late due to the fact that Hot Chip stayed on a little late. But the crowd didn’t mind at all, as they were dancing with their glow sticks around their necks, heads, and everything underneath. LCD Soundsystem’s main man James Murphy, brainchild of the New York collective/label/production house DFA, found his little spot on the stage and started the night with the quiet-to-loud song “Dance Yr Self Clean” (I think there was a theme with the setlist, as they finished the night with “Home,” another quiet-to-loud song).

Keyboardist Nancy Whang sounded good on backing vocals. Hot Chip guitarist Al Doyle had to fill in for David Scott Stone, who just had a child. They sounded great and the crowd was totally into the show, bouncing up and down in unison. I think LCD Soundsystem would be welcomed back to the Twin Cities with open arms.

Above: Main man James Murphy.

Above: Nancy Whang. Keyboards and backing vocals.

Above: Murphy helping out with the cowbell.

Above: Whang and Murphy in sync.

Above: More cowbell!

LCD Soundsystem.