Last delivery of the season


Today I am filled with gratitude. Thankful for the 42 families and organizations that believed in us and wanted to support family farmers like us (and they chose us, yeah!). The last boxes are out at the dropsites, this evening I will put boxes away for the last time. The field is beginning its winter rest and we are to. This weekend we will begin a nice staycation but that is a different story.

I am sad to, to not be farming to not see our customers every week and not be eating out of our field till next year, but definitely more gratitude then anything else.

This I will miss. The freedom the children have. Once we were camping on family land. Their cousin had come with us. The children were oh about 20 feet from us when she yelled, “heh come back you guys, someone is going to take you!” How much we loose in fear. A moment before they were holding hands, darn my camera–too slow.

Also I love working so closely with this handsome man! Proeun is packing boxes.

Family vehicle bursting at the seams with the whole farm family.

Pumpkins waiting at the dropsites.

Thank-you for all our customers, family and friends for another wonderful year.

And thank-you Star Tribune for a nice article about the Minnesota Food Association and us.