In the land of pilfered yard signs, Lyndsay Whalen’s placards stay planted


A couple of days ago, I’d tweeted something about yard signs in Hutchinson and Gregg Litman, a producer at WCCO 4, tweeted back

I tweeted a photo, he thought it was a good story, and yesterday a WCCO news crew came out to Hutchinson and taped this sweet feature, Hutchinson Shows Love For Its Hometown Star.

Bluestem wasn’t involved in the taping, but another tweet formed that last item about the Whalen exemption from vandalism. When I stepped out to get the mail, all of the signs for politicians regardless of office or party, and Yes and No amendment signs, were gone up and down the street.

The Lyndsay Whalen signs weren’t touched.

I’m not much for sports (though Klout from time to time tells me I have influence on it as well as emo), but it’s great to see a hometown girl succeed. Last night she scored 12 points for the Lynx in the play-offs, while playing with injuries; ESPN reported that Whalen helps Minnesota regain mojo as the team won 94-77 against the LA Sparks in  Game 1 of the WNBA’s Western Conference finals.

It’s that sort of talent and grit–and coming back to host basketball clinics–that generates this outburst of affection. The affection is returned as she helps the young athletes:

“It’s great to get reminder of where you came from, how you started and how hard you worked to get where we are now,” said Whalen.