OUR STORIES | Karen Clark, El Loquillo and Fabiola on why drivers’ licenses matter


Oprime en los videos para escuchar tres perspectivas sobre el tema de las licencias de manejar en Minnesota.

Click on the videos (one above, two below) to hear three perspectives on drivers’ licenses in Minnesota. Two of the videos are in Spanish but we have provided brief synopses in English. 


Fabiola, 32, is a homemaker and volunteer in the Latino community of Minneapolis. In the video below she explains that she wants drivers’ licenses for undocumented immigrants because she “believes in America.” She believes that this bill will help her and other working people safely take their children to school and get to work. 

Fabiola, 32, es ama de casa y voluntaria con la comunidad latina en Minneapolis MN. Ella explica porque apoya las licencias de manejar.


Rogelio Ortego, 40, better known as “El Loquillo,” is a Dradio host and DJ in Minneapolis. He supports drivers’ licenses for Latinos because, he says, “Unfortuantely, in this country, without a license we are nothing.”

Rogelio Ortego, mejor conocido como “El Loquillo,” 40, es un locutor y DJ en Minneapolis y nos dice porque apoya las licencias de conducir.