Khan’s Mongolian Barbecue: A pleasing Roseville eating experience


I had this plan to have lunch with my wife at a favorite place for Valentine’s Day. I feel like we don’t do enough of this. Arrived at the day, and she physically felt unable to go. Big disappointment, but then I got the idea that I could get takeout and bring it to her. So that’s what my plan was.

As it happened, my destination in all this was in Roseville, near Khan’s Mongolian Barbecue. Used to love the place, but somehow all the gatherings we’ve had in years past ended up somewhere else. Now that I was going to that vicinity, here was my chance to revisit Khan’s.

The physical place hasn’t changed so that I can notice, but things weren’t what I remembered. Probably my memory had drifted over the years into inaccuracy. The scheme at Khan’s is the appearance of a salad bar. You take a bowl and fill it to heaping with whatever ingredients appeal to you, including Asian sauces. Then, you let their stir fry cooks cook the raw ingredients on this very large convex fry surface. They move it around with big stick, showering it with a special stir frying sauce. Seems amazing to see the little bowl of stuff become a plateful.

My choices were things like shrimp, beef, broccoli, onions, green peppers, perhaps one or two other things, plus some spicy sauce. Fried it looked pretty good. I took it to my table. While picking up this part of the meal, they had left a basket of fried wontons and a sauce to dip them in. Have no memory of ever having this side dish. It was new but also something that really appealed to me. In fact, the fried wontons totally blow away tortilla chips for me. I told the staff I wish I could find bags of them and a bottle of the sauce for at home.

I got the one trip deal, so I ate my choices and paid. For about $4 more, you can make unlimited trips, and that may be my choice next time. The mixture I got came out really tasty. It may seem different, but it made a meal that was pleasing overall. Next time it won’t be so long between visits.

Khan’s is just off County Road C in Roseville, not far from the Affinity Plus branch. You drive east on the country road to the green light that controls the service road, turn, and then follow it till you see the restaurant on your right. People should try it out. Roseville too has some nice choices like Khan’s and also India Palace on Cleveland Avenue.