KFAI Benefit Sells Out: Mighty Mofos, X-Boys, Flamin’ Ohs and Michael Yonkers


Feb. 7 the Turf Club was jumping with a sold out crowd for KFAI’s Benefit with Friends show. It was one of those night when you dind’t need two people checking IDs at the door; not a lot of youngsters. Perhaps because the night was a flashback to the 1980s, which is maybe the last time I saw the Mighty Mofos.

The Mofos looked the same, sounded the same and nothing could have made me happier. Oh wait, if one of the Batson brothers from the band came up after the show and said, “thanks for dancing” that would make be even happier. And how very gracious of him to do it! But really how could you not dance? They played a wide range of songs from Pink Floyd’s Lucifer Sam, a couple of songs by The Pretty Things and many of their own. All of the music is fast and sweaty. No song over two minutes. Just hard-core, straight forward, great dancing music.

The X-Boys are an amalgamation of Suicide Commandoes, the Suburbs and the Wallets. They played all covers—and an interesting range of covers from Disco Inferno to River Deep. Again, it’s hard-driving, fast music put in a familiar context of music you know from lots of different places. Their version of Boots by Nancy Sinatra was an evening highlight. It was fun to watch the camaraderie on stage, which got even thicker once a few of the Mofos joined them. Watching Chris Osgood and Ernie Batson playing against each other was another highlight!

The Flamin’ Ohs were fun. I think the last time I saw then was a movie and music in the park event in St Paul. Robert Wilkinson’s voice has a unique imploring to it. They played all of their old school favorites—such as We Do What We Like.

Starting out the night was Michael Yonker who I was very sad to miss. I heard he was very good.

Again a great showing of support for KFAI. The Current does such a good job supporting local music, it’s easy to forget about stalwarts such as KFAI that have been supporting local music and community since 1978. Each half hour a different show and a little something for everyone. The wide range of musical talent in the audience was proof that KFAI is a musicians station – due in large part to promotion and support from folks like emcee and planner, Cyn Collins, who did a wonderful job. 

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