Kenyan women on a sex strike: Why they did it


by Nekessa Opoti | May 5, 2009 · You’ve probably heard about the women’s sex strike in Kenya. Published below is an excerpt of my reaction to this modern-day Lysistrata . You can read the article in its entirety here.

I must be getting it wrong. Or maybe most people are missing the point of the sex strike.

My first reaction when I heard about the sex strike was: how bold! what a statement! Still, I questioned their use of sex as a tool of peace. And then I began to watch in dismay as the country reacted. Perhaps we all agree that Kenyan politicians need to get their act together. But sex is still a taboo; unspoken.

The backlash from Kenyans is not surprising. The chatter on social networking sites, and in email conversations, shows that many Kenyans do not believe that this was the right strategy. But first let’s look at examples in recent history where women have gone on sex strikes to make political, human rights and economic statements.[]

Watch the video below from Pray the Devil Back to Hell, a documentary on protests, that included a sex strike, by Liberian women.