FREE SPEECH ZONE | Keith Ellison- The Debate That Never Was


Last night at the Urban League in north Minneapolis a funny thing happened.

First, apparently there was a SoapBox session. It was rumored that Mr Ellison was going to appear. The Urban League is where our Congressman has his office.

Apparently other candidates for Congress were contacted, including
Ms. Torgeson Independent, Mr Thomas Shrunk IP and Mr Damos R.

We were not contacted although as I hear, it was advertised that I would be there.

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I found out about it 3 hours before it started. I was literally sitting at home in my underwear and on the computer. I had called my friend and ally, Farheen Hakeem about something. She said, “Well Mike, I’ll see you in a few hours then.” That is when I found out about it.

I had three hours to eat, get ready, contact our campaign staff, prepare for speaking and get there.

I did contact the few that I could on 3 hour notice and got there.

When I arrived there were three other Congressional candidates present. Lynn Torgeson, Tom Shrunk and Mr Damos. Also a representative for Tom Horner for Guv and Farheen Hakeem. We sat around, listened to some excellent hip hop and then we all got to speak on the “soapbox”, I was the last to speak.

We sat around some more and finally people wandered off. At this point I must note that some of Keith’s staff were there. Farheen was one of the last to leave. I went out to my car and then remembered I had left my jacket behind.

I went back to retrieve it and TADA. Just like magic was Congressman Ellison.

Almost like he had been in his office waiting. His office of course is in the Urban League. At this point I listened. No questions afterwards.

Then Keith danced with some others in a line dance. To his credit our Congressman can dance quite well.

Then, as the music played and the others danced away, Keith danced his way out of the room.

He was gone.

I will tell you folks, this really is taking on Roger and Me quality.

Roger and Me is, of course the Michael Moore movie where Mike chases corporate executives, trying to get answers as to why his town was decimated.

For the record, the speech I gave was taped and is now you tubed. It will appear on our campaign website very soon. I will warn you that it is kind of graphic.

Lynn Torgeson had made, there and in the past comments that are, IMHO blatantly Islamophobic. So I described in detail someone I had known personally who was tortured to death for being Catholic. I did this to point out that any and all cases of bigotry, religious and otherwise was unacceptable.

I will also comment that some here talk about there being no debates.

I will throw out another reason for it just for fun. It will also explain to me why there have been no polls in this race, no corporate media or “progressive” media coverage.

The people who own the Congressman are scared.

This is a very good sign.

Michael Cavlan RN