MUSIC REVIEW | Keeping kids rocking with Bunny Clogs and Guitar Party at the Cedar


Saturday the morning the Cedar Cultural Center was hopping and toddling with Bunny Clogs and Guitar Party – two bands for kids with members who are well known to a Twin Cities audience.

Bunny Clogs is a family project for Adam Levy, also of the Honeydogs. The band includes his daughters Ava (13) and Esther (16) singing and nephew Isaac Levy (11) playing a mean guitar. As well as a lot of good humored and talented adult musicians. The music is part pop, part blues and includes a little rap. It’s a nice blend that will grow on kids and their grownups. Both my 10 year old and I enjoyed the show.

My young associate liked that all of the songs were about animals. Actually just their latest album, Whales Can’t Whistle, is all about animals but the show featured a lot of those new songs. They have included every weird animal you never knew existed – such as the naked mole rat and even uglier sea pig. I know they’re ugly thanks to the multimedia aspect of the performance. I loved the lyrics. Especially for kids’ music I love a songwriter that uses big words. It’s an opportunity for kids to learn new words – but also they just sound great and are fun to sing. (Import for kid music!)

As a mom, I was so impressed with Levy’s daughters. To get two teens on stage, seeming happy, enjoying their family was fun to see. They have inherited their father’s timing. And Isaac Levy was great to watch on the guitar. is song added a rockabilly sensibility to the set.

It’s a band that most folks would enjoy seeing, it got younger kids out dancing and the CD could weather a long road trip!

Opening the show was Guitar Party – another family affair starring lead vocalist Mijah Ylvisaker, backed up by her dad Jeremy and several well-known local bands. Mijah has a good voice with a nice range. It got stronger as the show progressed. In fact as she great more confident her on-stage personality really shown. Like the Levy’s, she has inherited some real talent and you can only imagine what those rehearsals are like!

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