Keep it Off the Wall


Facebook is neither a soft shoulder nor a diary. There is no promise of compassion or privacy. Yet some people insist on posting everything from the minutiae of their daily lives to their deepest most intimate thoughts. What you had for dinner might bore someone but isn’t likely to make anybody uncomfortable. Creating posts of what should be private will.

If you’re angry at your husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, mother/father or whoever – please don’t bother to share it with us. We’re sorry for your difficulties but don’t want to hear about them. We have enough problems of our own and turn to social media looking for relaxation and fun. If it’s venting you need, consider setting up a diary, either a handwritten journal or an electronic version will do. If it’s pity and support you’re looking for, call a good friend or a therapist. Most of the 600+ people you list as ‘friends’ aren’t really close enough or interested enough to care.

How’s your sex life? Don’t answer, we really don’t have a need to know. Do you think Grandpa and Grandma along with your boss, co-workers and everyone else really wanted to know your carefully laid plans for a Valentine’s Day date that included the surprise gift of champagne, roses and yourself in a hotel room? And how was he really not going to know he was destined to be your latest conquest when you put it on Facebook?

Another bad day at work? Co-workers getting on your nerves? Not enough time to get everything done, not enough money to alleviate the aggravation? Posting your frustrations all over Facebook won’t fix any of it. However, it could make all those problems go away when you lose that job for badmouthing your employer in such a public way.

Remember The Party Principle: Post the types of things you’d be comfortable saying at a large party that is attended by people you know well, some you’ve just met and others you don’t know at all. If you wouldn’t stand in the middle of the room and announce something there for everyone to hear, then think twice before you post it on Facebook or Twitter.

Social media platforms are public. Many details of your life are private. Understanding and respecting the difference between Facebook and a diary will result in making you and your dozens of friends more comfortable.

Now, how about this weather?