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In the south west corner of Congressional District 3, independents, moderates, progressive Republicans and Democrats are represented by Eric Paulsen in the U.S. House and by such right wing, flat earthers and global warming denyers as Jennifer Loon, Kirk Stensrud and David Hann in St. Paul.

The fight for common sense and common ground is tough in the ‘burbs and sometimes the use of a little humor to rouse our sleepy cul-de-sac neighbors, can have a motivational effect.  To note, The Junk Yard Democrats say it all in their premier music video.  The segment is part of the April edition of Democratic Visions, the public issues cable TV program produced through DFL Senate District 42 (Minnetonka and Eden Prairie). 

The effort was directed by Timid Video Theater’s Jeff Strate (me) who in the past took blame for “Attack of the Burger Pods,” “Bowling for Tenure,” the “Descent of Man,” and “Godzilla Attacks Eden Prairie.”

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