The Junk Yard Democrats rebound with L.K. Hanson cartoons in the DFL Botanical Garden


L.K. Hanson’s satirical cartoons, Mozart and contemplation refresh burned-out Minnesota Democrats in the beautiful DFL Botanical Garden in the Minneapolis suburbs.  This Timid Video Theater production for DFL Senate District 42’s public issues CableTV series, Democratic Visions, restores whimsy to the harsh sparks that characterize American Politics.  L.K.Hanson is the Star Tribune’s celebrated social and political cartoonist.  Hanson, a shy man with a liberal arts degree, does not appear in the video, but his marvelous sketches and cryptic appreciation of irony certainly do.  Hanson’s cartoons are joined by Doug Lind (former joke writer for Jackie Vernon), “Two Putt” Tommy Johnson (former paratroop trainer) and Norb Gernes (former Catholic Priest).

The four reference Mark Twain, Michele Bachmann, Vladimir Nabokov, Gertrude Stein, and J.P. Morgan.  Remember when intellectuals were the rock stars?  Well, this video sure does.

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