Journalist Abdi Aynte on covering the Somali community


Abdi Aynte, discusses the nuances and the intricacies of covering the Somali community in Minnesota and elsewhere. From clan rivalry to regional and class differences, the Somali community is diverse, though it can sometimes be perceived as homogeneous from the outside. Abdi helps sort through fact and fiction, perception, and media myths and truths.

Abdi Aynte is a Washington correspondent for the BBC World Service, where he covers topics ranging from the elections and the economy, to the so-called ‘missing Somali men.’ Prior to that, Abdi was a senior fellow at the Center for Independent media, writer for the Minnesota Monitor (now Minnesota Independent), and was also the former board chair of the Twin Cities Media Alliance. Born in Somalia and raised in Egypt, Abdi has a BA in Professional Writing and Political Science, and is finishing his MA in Government at Johns Hopkins University.