John Marty’s letters to CMS posted


Minnesota State Senator John Marty recently appeared on Capitol Conversations, the legislative news program that PRM produces in conjunction with reporters Marty Owings and Ahndi Fridell. On the program, Senator Marty (as well as Senator Sean Neinow) discussed concerns about the financial oversight of Minnesota’s public health care programs.

After the show, Senator Marty shared two letters with PRM, which we have posted in our document archive. The letters entail correspondence between Senator Marty and CMS, the federal office that oversees the disbursement of Medicaid matching dollars to the state of Minnesota.

In his letter of May 18, 2011, Senator Marty asked that CMS not grant the waiver necessary to allow federal Medicaid dollars to flow to the state, due to the fact that he felt that Minnesota’s public programs (as currently administered) would waste the funds through financial mismanagement. CMS ultimately granted the federal waiver, which prompted a second letter from Senator Marty on September 6, 2011.