“Jersey Boys” by the numbers


Jersey Boys has 33 songs in its score, drawing off a song catalog that sold 175 million records worldwide and several cover songs from the Four Seasons’s early years. Many of the show’s other numbers are quite impressive.

  • Number of People in the Company: 52
    • Actors: 19
    • Musicians: 10
    • Crew: 14
  • Largest Number of Roles Played by an Actor: 18 (Leslie Rochette)
  • Number of Distinct Costumes and Looks: 196
    • Pairs of Shoes Worn per Performance: 87
    • Most costume changes for a lead character: 15 (for Frankie Valli)
      • Valli’s quick changes: 12
      • Valli’s shortest quick change: 15 seconds
    • Fastest costume change overall: 9 seconds (“My Eyes Adored You”
  • Lighting
    • 609 lighting cues
    • 401 fixed lights + 96 PAR lamps for concert lighting
    • 77 moving lights

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