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One thought on “JABlog Reviews LTD Brewing

  1. Oh boy oh boy oh boy. where to begin with LTD brewing. First off, how about the beer. its not too shabby. its def not the best beer ive ever had, but totes not the worst. id give it a solid B+ rating. My bud and i were in for some suds the other evening, what a rockin environment! el muscio was bumpin, and my taste buds were pumpin (flavor). They actually had sex ed trivia the night i was there if you can believe that! me and my buds had a few too many suds and didnt win (or even get close LOLZ). Overall i would go back again. my only gripes were that as i was sitting out on the patio (lets face it, more of a sidewalk with chairs) somebody walked past and made fun of my Mercury Topaz that was parked out front. I mean, really. how sups dumb to make fun of someones car, we cant all be millionaires driving convertible lebarons!! lets just say it ruined the taste of the Patio Crusher i was drinking, and i dont think ill ever enjoy one again… NOT! hahaha.

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