JABlog on DrinkFly: Delivering Drinks To Your Door In The Twin Cities



I was recently contacted by the folks from Drinkfly, a new online service that promises to deliver beer, wine and liquor right to your door within 60 minutes.  Moving with the times and using people’s smart phones and computers, the company aims to make getting your beverages quicker and easier.  Intrigued, I talked online with one of the the guys involved, Alex Cullen.


1) JABlog:  So give me a little background.  How does Drinkfly work?


AlexDrinkfly is a free to download app and website that allows thirsty consumers the ability to order beer, wine, and liquor and get it delivered to their door in 60 minutes or less.  Consumers start off by inputting their delivery address, selecting a store, browsing the store’s inventory (most stores have well over 1,000 items on the app) that includes pictures, prices, and descriptions, adding items to their cart, and then checking out.  Customers can pay with cash or with credit card.  There are no price markups, no delivery fees, or fees of any kind.  After the order is placed, it will arrive within 60 minutes (delivery time depends on how busy the store, delivery location proximity, and traffic).  



2) JABlogYou guys have been up and running in New York and Chicago, why bring this service to Minnesota?

Alex:  We were looking for another Midwest city that would be a good fit, and landed on the Twin Cities.  There are also a good number of liquor stores in the Twin Cities that already deliver, so that makes it easier for us to find partner stores as well.  

3) JABlog:  What areas in the Twin Cities do you currently cover?

Alex:  The photo below is mostly up to date; however the current coverage area is even better as we have since signed up additional stores.  We have a total of 8 partner stores currently and are adding another two next week, one of which will cover all of downtown Minneapolis.  


4) JABlog:  This one ties in with the previous question I’ve only ever seen a similar service in Duluth with delivery of Fitgers Brewhouse growlers around town.  This is obviously a much more ambitious project.  I live out in the Western Suburbs (Waconia) and am out of your delivery range or I’d try you out and blog about it.  Do you have plans to expand your coverage to the suburbs of the Cities?

Alex: Yes!  We are constantly getting requests to extend our service to the suburbs around Minneapolis and St. Paul.  We will continue adding partner stores over the next month which will increase our delivery radius, allowing more people to use our service.  

5) JABlog: Are there any other thoughts you would like to discuss with my readers?

Alex We are looking to spread the word about our service because we truly think that it’s pretty amazing.  I mean who wouldn’t want to be able to order some delicious wine or craft beer while sitting on their coach while watching Netflix?  We also service a number of corporate clients here in Chicago.  These are companies (often tech companies) that do happy hours at the office and use our service to supply the party.  We would love to add some corporate orders in the Twin Cities as well!  


JABlog:  I’m very interested in the service and can imagine plenty of times where I’m not wanting to venture out into the cold for a beer!  More so I’m shocked that there are no hidden fees for this.  Since I’m outside the current delivery zone for Drinkfly, I’m counting on my readers to try this out and report back to me!


Feel free to watch their early promotional video from my old home of Chicago…