It is a wonderful life


It is Friday and Fridays are for fun. I am already tired of the holiday season and all the advertisements for stuff that I am not going to buy. I want everyone else to buy more stuff because then they might need a bigger more expensive house and it is good for our economy which will eventually produce nothing except data plans for phones and mobile devices made in China. [see We did not build these]

I digress.

Thanksgiving is less than a week away and is the first in a series of holidays that really give families a chance to be together and to enjoy each other… for hours and hours and hours all together in one place… and I have been blessed with a perfect family.

I have learned some ways to make the holidays even better and this might be especially helpful for people who have less than perfect families.

Wine with the meal helps and I have found that if I start the day by putting a little vodka in my orange juice that helps too. For a nice soothing after dinner drink to take the edge off I like to pour a generous amount of amaretto liqueur in my coffee. It also helps me stay awake long enough to spend three or four hours cleaning up after dinner.

As for thanksgiving itself I know I have much to be thankful for but none of it is funny so I’ll save it for next week.