ISAIAH leaders urge Governor Pawlenty to say “Deal!” for Central Corridor


Watch now! The Minnesota-style episode of Deal or No Deal recorded on the State Capitol steps on May 7th , 2008.

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In a return appearance to the Capitol stage, ISAIAH’s ‘Honest Abe Lincolns’ offered a series of honest deals to our ‘contestant’, Governor Tim Pawlenty, played by the able Rev. Grant Stevensen. These deals were to win the ultimate prize: funding for a thriving transit system!

As part of the action. the “Minnesota Family’, community leaders from across the state, passionately urged our contestant, Governor Pawlenty to “take the deal” for the Central Corridor Light Rail Line. These leaders argued, “There is no better deal for Minnesotans than to assure there is $70 million in bonding for Central Corridor before the legislative session ends.”

As people of faith, actively engaged in co-creating Minnesota’s shared future, ISAIAH leaders assert that our state must have a transportation system that builds our community. They see Central Corridor line as the lynchpin in a public transit system serving the Twin Cities metro area and the whole state. “Governor Pawlenty’s bonding proposal made it look like we had a deal,” said Sarah Mullins, chair of ISAIAH’s Metro Equity committee. “The line item veto of Central Corridor cuts out the heart of our vision for a transit system that would connect us all.”

A suitcase full of written messages from ISAIAH leaders across the Metro and St. Cloud regions encouraging Governor Pawlenty to ‘take the deal’ for Central Corridor Bonding was delivered to his office the next day.