ISAIAH asks Sears for better treatment of employees


On Saturday, a group organized by ISAIAH gathered in the parking lot of the Sears store in St. Paul on Rice Street, west of the State Capitol complex to seek better working conditions for Sears workers, especially at this holiday season.

ISAIAH, a non-profit coalition of over 100 congregations from various faith traditions working in the Twin Cities, St. Cloud and greater Minnesota, is committed to establishing racial and economic justice.

ISAIAH says they are doing this because “Clergy and faith leaders believe far too many Minnesotans are working this holiday season for low wages and are not being treated with dignity in their workplaces. These people, who largely make the holiday seasons happen, work long hours without fair wages or the ability to leave work to take care of loved ones.

“As the Minnesotans For A Fair Economy ‘Week of Action’ ends, people in the faith community will demonstrate their solidarity with every worker who’s participated in the events and with members of their churches and communities who don’t have access to paid sick time or paid family leave.

“Together they will call on Sears, and all private and public employers, to say their policies and benefits must reflect the human dignity of all their employees.”

Rev. Trudy Cretsinger, Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, led the group into the store. The signed card which was delivered to the store manager was refused. The activists promised to return.