Inside the Daily Planet, 9/15/08


NEWS YOU CAN USE | Stop the lies by Mary Turck, TC Daily Planet • As even the New York Times issues warnings about campaign lies, some people are inclined to the “pox on both your houses” stance, disbelieving everything that politicians say. But not all politicians lie, and you may want to find out who’s lying and when. Here are important resources that sort the lies from the truth and even identify some half-truths.

$1.3 million put into new Imagine Fund by Heather Sahr and Karen Gregory, Minnesota Daily • Provost Tom Sullivan announced Tuesday that a $1.3 million initiative will provide a new opportunity for University faculty in the areas of the arts, humanities and design. The Imagine Fund will be available to tenured professors at all four University campuses, including Duluth, Morris and Crookston.

In selling parkland to pay bills, mighty Duluth joins little Lilydale by Chris Steller, Minnesota Independent • Recent headlines out of Duluth haven’t been pretty — except when they’ve been over pictures of the Tiffany window that the city may auction off to get out of a $6.5 million budget hole. City officials’ efforts to sell off another public asset — parkland along picturesque Park Point — puts Duluth in the same league as one of the Twin Cities metro area’s tiniest towns: little Lilydale, Minn.

A scouting party for the future: canoeing the Wakan Wakpa by Aimee Loiselle, The Circle • In June, two Dakota youth from Minneapolis participated in a Healthy Nations canoe trip down the Wakan Wakpa (Sacred River), also known as the Rum River. The canoe trip, part of a larger effort to help Native people reclaim their tribal legacy, exposed serious problems with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources’ maintenance of the river.


THINK FORWARD | China Meets Lou T Fisk by Jim Harkness • I wasn’t sure what to expect when I drove out to Western Minnesota to check in on Ms. Shi Yan. She has been working at the Earthrise Farm, an organic CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm, since early April, as part of IATP’s ongoing relationship with the School of Agriculture and Rural Development at People’s University in China.

SCHOOL TALK | Spirits from the clouds bring eloquent young woman to Minnesota by Joe Nathan • Where and when did your family, and your people come to Minnesota? Why? What surprised you, and what delighted you?

DOWNSTREAM | Snakemate – Part I by Emilio DeGrazia • I didn’t know what to make of it. Crotalus horridus. • Here I am, gazing at the blank page as if waking from a trance, and there at my feet a rattlesnake is writhing itself out of its skin.