Inside the Daily Planet, 9/12/08


NEWS YOU CAN USE | Celebrate Mexican Independence Day/El Grito de Independencía! by Mary Turck, TC Daily Planet • Celebrate Mexican Independence Day this weekend, in Minneapolis and St. Paul!

Theater note: Babe hits the pin by Lydia Howell, TC Daily Planet • It was nothing less than a stroke of genius for lesbian playwright Carolyn Gage to write a musical telling the story of Mildred “Babe” Didrikson. Beginning with her sweep of the 1932 Olympics, Didrikson became a sports legend who lit the torch for women and girls to participate in sports. Yet Didrikson’s life has never been fully (or truthfully) explored onstage—until now.

Food and Restaurants

Fight hunger: have a taste of Lake Street by Jeremy Iggers, The Rake • If you were to seriously try to eat your way down Lake Street, from Lake Calhoun to the Mississippi River, you could spend a lifetime and never succeed in completing the task – the artery that runs through the heart of south Minneapolis is a gastronomic hot zone, where new restaurants are constantly being born and dying.

St. Paul offers tasty treats for meat lovers by Heather Sahr, Minnesota Daily • Even though July’s National Hot Dog Month came and went, there are still deals to be had on fresh, local meat on the St. Paul campus.

Who wants to cook? by Melissa Slachetka, The Bridge • If you’re a “foodie” in Minneapolis, there are two great places you should know about: Coastal Seafoods and Let’s Cook. These neighborhood gems have been pleasing customers for years, and both are sharing some secrets through regular cooking demonstrations and classes.

Las Mojarras – Seafood Mexican Style by Jeremy Iggers, The Rake • Every time I have set foot inside Las Mojarras, in the former Me Gusta space on E. Lake St., the place has been completely empty, which is a shame, because it’s one of the most ambitious and attractive Mexican restaurants in the Twin Cities.


FROM THE SOAPBOX | Change, Truth and Small Town Values by Phyllis Stenerson • National political conventions are carefully staged galas where presidential candidates describe themselves on their own terms and present the image they want the public to like and support. They reach more voters through televised conventions than at any other time and then they hit the campaign trail, repeating the sound bites crafted for the convention.

CABBAGES AND KINGS | From the home front: Turn out! Turn out! They’ve gone! by Ted Dooley • The Republicans have left town but not all things are back to where they were.

ARTS ORBIT | Weekend what’s what 9/11-9/14: Larger than life by l’etoile magazine staff • What a weekend we’ve got ahead of us! The Twin Cities showcase their dynamic artistic flair once again with everything from snazzy fashion events to wild block parties. Each weekend gets bigger and better around here, thanks to the never ending stream of crazy-cool creative types that are constantly mixin’ it up!

BLOG OF THE MODERATE LEFT | ‘I don’t get no respect,’ said the adverb, bitterly.
by Jeff Fecke • Pity the adverb. Once, it was a perfectly respectable part of the English language, one that did unto verbs what adjectives do unto nouns — that is to say, modify them. And such modification was considered understandable — after all, when Hamlet urged the players to “Speak the speech, I pray you, as I pronounc’d it to you, trippingly on the tongue,” he was not speaking idly.