Inside the Daily Planet, 9/1/08


Veterans, Code Pink and individuals march to the Xcel Energy Center Sunday, nine arrested by Kathlyn Stone, TC Daily Planet
About 200 anti-war activists marched from the Capitol to the Xcel Energy Center today as the finishing touches were being put in place for the Republican national convention that starts Monday.

Police presence rattles medical professionals volunteering to help out during RNC by Art Hughes, TC Daily Planet
A training session for doctors, nurses, and other help professionals came to an abrupt halt Saturday when police entered the building. The Northstar Wellness Collective rented space in a church on the 600 block of Jackson St. in St. Paul to aid protesters and others during the Republican National Convention.

SPPS says downtown schools will start “on time” during RNC by James Sanna, TC Daily Planet
Despite the potential chaos in downtown St Paul during the Republican National Convention next week, St Paul Public Schools will remain open, according to Howie Padilla, the [Public Relations Coordinator at SPPS. Kindergarten classes have been pushed back to the Monday following Labor Day, but grades 1 through 12 will otherwise start as planned on Tuesday.

Ahmed Sirleaf, others accept new appointment in OLM by staff, The Liberian Journal
Mr. Ahmed Sirleaf, the man recently appointed by the Board of Directors of OLM to serve as Chairman of its Constitution Review Committee, has accepted to execute his duties and responsibilities “with a high degree of professionalism, experience, expertise, a sense of responsibility, and service to our people”.

A trip through history for colorful fall viewing by Phyllis Louise Harris, Asian Pages
The earliest successful city on the Mississippi River was not St. Paul, or even Minneapolis. It was Prescott, Wisconsin, founded in 1840 where the Mississippi and St. Croix Rivers converge 30 miles southeast of the Twin Cities.


BLOG | Ramadan Mubarak (Blessed Ramadan) Engage Minnesota
Last year, Ramadan started in mid September and this year, the Islamic Society of North America, declared Ramadan to begin on September 1st, 2008.

BLOG | The Other Impact of Gustav By Jeff Fecke, Blog of the Moderate Left
While it pales in comparison to the potential damage it could do to Louisiana, Gustav has already done serious damage to the Republican National Convention. Mindful that having a big party in St. Paul probably comes off negatively if compared to a newly demolished New Orleans — especially given that it will naturally call to mind Hurricane Katrina, and the awesome job the GOP did with that disaster — the GOP is already making plans to curtail their convention: