Inside the Daily Planet, 8/29/08


THINGS PEOPLE SAY | Oral Roberts U grad Bachmann says Harvard grad Obama ‘isn’t well-schooled’ by Karl Bremer, Minnesota Independent
Michele Bachmann recently told the Hometown Source, an online extension of ABC Newspapers in the northern suburbs, that Barack Obama “isn’t well-schooled and prepared to be President of the United States.”

That’s an interesting observation, coming from a graduate of a law school that once lost its American Bar Association accreditation.

<Food and Restaurants

Italiani’s Family Restaurant Grill & Bar by Jeremy Iggers, The Rake
I got a hot tip recently – a sighting of a pasta making machine at Italiani’s Family Restaurant Grill & Bar, 3508 E. Lake Street. That’s pretty rare these days – making pasta by hand is very labor intensive.

A fresh alternative in bar & grill country by Brian DeVore, Land Stewardship Project
Sometimes it seems like the owner of the Café Wren has a better idea of what’s going on in John Adams’ vegetable plots than he does. “I think she has spies in the garden,” Adams joked on a recent August afternoon while showing me his produce operation near Luck, in western Wisconsin’s Polk County. “She knows when my stuff is ripening. She knows her stuff about food and promoting local food.”

Bridgeland makes the most of sidewalk season by Jeremy Stratton, The Bridge
In Minnesota, we hold our summers precious. The long, Siberian-like winters mean we make the most of our temperate days, the likes of which So-Cal and Florida take for granted.

Common Roots Cafe’s “Rootsy Lucy” by Brian Moen,
On Saturday night, I went to the Common Roots Cafe for dinner to try the newest competetor to the Juicy Lucy universe. The Rootsy Lucy is made withThousand Hills beef stuffed with 12 month aged cheddar on foccacia with heirloom tomatoes, lettuce and aioli.


Weekend what’s what 8/28-9/1: Republican party! by l’etoile magazine staff, Arts Orbit
As Republican delegates from all over the country breeze into town in preparation for next week’s RNC melee, the city is literally ablaze with more art, entertainment, and political buzz than you can shake a stick at (no State Fair pun intended). Show your stripes by hitting up such inspired events as the Liberty Parade, the Call & Answer Block Party, or the Take Back Labor Day Festival—all of which give the term “political party” a whole new meaning.

Be a Real Man, the Mike S. Adams way by Jeff Fecke, Blog of the Moderate Left
Ah, Mike Adams. You remember Mike Adams; he’s the UNC-Wilmington professor who singlehandedly devalues my friend’s brother’s college degree, the idiot who once argued that we should end abortion so women will stop having sex.

A place for the perplexed: Part two by Emilio DeGrazia, 8/25/08 • Whitman, poet of democracy, urged us to be tolerant and large, to contain multitudes, to connect and make passages to all parts of the globe. So it’s tempting to think boyishly big again—to be stirred by the democratic idealism of manifest destiny and American exceptionalism and to cheer on the new globalism.

Big pigs and barn tours by Mary Turck, Minnesota State Fair
big boar is back, despite a dearth of entries that put this year’s exhibit in doubt until the last minute.