Inside the Daily Planet, 8/28/2008


Views and Reviews

Junkyard Empire embarks on “Anti-RNC Tour”
by Dwight Hobbes, TC Daily Planet
Hard as it may be to believe, not everyone is delighted to see the Republican National Convention come to the Twin Cities. While the City of St. Paul and the St. Paul Police Department pulled a pretty good fast one, revoking the Welfare Rights Committee’s permit to assemble during the RNC, at least one relentless voice is determined to be heard: that of the avant-garde jazz and hip-hop band Junkyard Empire. They don’t need a permit and plan to state their case profoundly as possible with what they’re calling the Anti-RNC Tour.

Music note: A Mighty Fair(ly) night on the patio with Storyhill
by Melissa Slachetka, TC Daily Planet
Despite the dreary weather and competition from the State Fair, last Thursday saw a sold-out show for Patio Nights at the Minnesota Museum of American Art featuring two soul-stirring groups: Mighty Fairly and Storyhill.

Two friends review the Penumbra’s Fences

Theater note: Full of baseball metaphors, Fences slides into home
by Jean Gabler, TC Daily Planet
The newspaper ad grabbed my attention: it shows just a baseball and one line. “The heartbreaking story of a man and his last chance at bat.” I was anticipating a feel-good story about a young man realizing his dream of being able to play baseball professionally. As you can tell, I tend to wear rose-colored glasses.

Theater note: Fences, heart-wrenching and exhilarating
by Barbara Gorski, TC Daily Planet
This story isn’t about baseball or any one group’s experience at any particular time. This is a story about how we pass forward what has shaped us at our core.


by Jeff Fecke, Blog of the Moderate Left
I really don’t know what the media’s going to say about Hillary’s speech, but I hope this ends, once and for all, the myth that Hillary Clinton is secretly trying to subvert the Democratic party. She isn’t.

Summer wrap-up ’08
by Peter Labuza, MNDialog
Now that summer has wrapped, let’s look back at some of the best, worst, and weirdest things that cinema has brought us: Movie Most In Need of a Drinking Game, Worst Use of CGI, Most Boppin’ Soundtrack, Best Film of the Summer, and more.

A place for the perplexed: Part one
by Emilio DeGrazia, Downstream
My good neighbor, who has yet to read one of my books, keeps asking me over for a cup of tea. Wants to know me better, he says, though sometimes I don’t know about him. He’s a Welshman, a Quaker, an interior decorator with a long past on sailing ships, and a vegetarian who loves tubefuls of Icelandic fishpaste.