Inside the Daily Planet, 12/8/08


Mall of America strives to accommodate Muslim community during Eid by Mohamed Hassan, Mshale • On Monday, Muslims around the world will celebrate Eid Al-Adha, a religious holiday to commemorate Ibrahim’s (Abraham) sacrifice and the end of the annual pilgrimage to Mecca. Eid commemorates the day Ibrahim was willing to sacrifice his son Isaac to God.

MUSIC | The Cities’ best indie labels by Ian Power, Minnesota Daily • Whether you regard yourself as the next big thing, or simply want to understand the diverse network that makes up the Twin Cities’ independent music scene, a grasping of the labels is a step in the right direction. What follows is an encyclopedic listing of some of our favorite labels. You can thank us later, when you’re famous.

Feminist lens on adoption by Katie Leo, Minnesota Women’s Press • Two years ago my husband and I decided, after four years of unsuccessful pregnancy attempts, to consider adopting a child from Korea. In doing so we joined the thousands of couples struggling with infertility who consider this option each year, in addition to fertile couples who choose to adopt, and the hundreds of thousands of couples who have done so since the practice of international adoption began. That number, in fact, includes my parents. I was adopted from Korea at the estimated age of 10 months.

VOICES | Love and loss by Michele St. Martin, Minnesota Women’s Press • It is a cold morning, the coldest yet this season, and I throw on my long, warm coat. It’s a coat to snuggle down into: thick black plush, with lavish faux fur lapels and cuffs.


ARTS ORBIT | The top ten music videos of 2008 by Chris DeLine • Featuring Feist, the Fleet Foxes, Björk, and unprecedented amounts of artistic nudity.

HISPANIC FANATIC | And that’s where babies come from by Daniel Cubias • Eventually, every kid wants to know the answer to the big question. I don’t remember when I first asked about it, but I’m sure my father supplied me with some vulgar hypothesis.

ELEVENTH AVENUE SOUTH | Tickles Bar and Restaurant by Andy Birkey • At the same time queer owned and operated Pi Bar and restaurant was hosting its last raucous night in southeast Minneapolis, a new gay bar was quietly opening its doors in the northeast part of town. Tickles Bar and Restaurant debuts as Minneapolis’ newest LGBT establishment, adding a community gathering space in a neighborhood with a high LGBT population but few places to call home.