Inside the Daily Planet, 12/03/08


Todo sobre mi bicicleta
by James Sanna and Cass Sanford, TC Daily Planet
This summer, it seemed like everyone was riding a bike. Whether people were commuting, running errands, or just cruising on a sunny day, Minneapolitans and St Paulites were putting the fun between their legs and going for a ride. It felt like The Twin Cities, Land of the Bicycle, where Thor cruises on his Schwinn World Tour.

Advise and Dissent: Noel Nix
by Emily Bright, TC Daily Planet
What would you like to tell president-elect Barack Obama? Advise and Dissent features Minnesota opinions on what the new president should be thinking and doing.

Mr. President, this country needs you to truly govern in a bipartisan way–even when it gets hard and everyone from the left or from the right is attacking you–in order to bring about a change in the tone of politics.

THEATER | Soap opera star returns home to Osseo to pull off a Christmas Miracle
by Jean Gabler, TC Daily Planet
Yellow Tree Theatre is a professional theater created in a space vacated by an Osseo furniture store. Two months ago, with rehearsals set to begin, they suddenly lost the rights to their holiday show: Jacob Marley’s Christmas Carol. Three weeks later, playwright Jessica Lind, a co-founder of the company, had written Miracle on Christmas Lake and they were back in business.

BOOKS | Growing Up White
by Mary Turck, TC Daily Planet
In her newest book, Julie Landsman looks unflinchingly at her life, from childhood through college, marriage, teaching and retirement. She recounts early experiences of race and racism, growing up in Connecticut, Massachusetts and, for a few years, in Texas. In college during the sixties, she began to engage issues of race — and gender and class. Activism “lit a fire under me,” she writes, and it is clear that the fire continues to burn.

by Unknown Talent Films, PCTV
A short narrative film about a high school student who is considering joining the military and how the people around him react to his decision. Made by teens in the summer 2008 AVID!


FRONT ROW SEAT | Little Joey Peterson may be only 10, but let me tell you: his acting stinks. • by Jay Gabler • We wouldn’t actually call out a little angel (or shepherd, or sheep) for forgetting his lines, would we? Of course we wouldn’t…but when does a young actor cross that line and ask to have his or her work taken seriously? Tatum O’Neal won an Oscar for her performance in Paper Moon when she was only 10. Should she not have been nominated, to have spared her the risk of being disappointed at losing?

FRESH.MN | Free Winter Bicycling Classes in December • by Erica Mauter • When I started riding my bike to work this summer, I had big ideas of continuing it into the winter. At least up until it snowed.

ARTS ORBIT | 150 best Minnesota books #34 and #35: Professional (i.e. successful) explorers • by Patrick Coleman • Well, I got my wrist slapped for snottily suggesting that Pike was not the gold standard for either an explorer or a diplomat. To avoid sounding critical of iconic Minnesota figures I’m sticking to the undisputed success stories with the next two nominations for Minnesota’s 150 best books.