Inside the Daily Planet, 11/8/08


Cutting down the crime: Offenders & victims shake hands by Swallehe Msuya, African News Journal • North Minneapolis has a reputation of heinous crimes, some committed by teenagers. Mary Johnson, a resident of this location had her 20 year-old son gunned down by a 16 year-old boy over a trivial misunderstanding in a dance hall!

Here comes the parade by Jean Gabler, TC Daily Planet • Living in the Merriam Park neighborhood, my family has always looked forward to the University of St. Thomas fall homecoming parade which goes down Summit Avenue. We would bundle up and walk from our home down the streets golden with fall colors, shuffling through the piles of leaves as we went. The crowds along the parade route were always small until the parade—with marching bands from UST and area high schools—nears the campus. That meant we could take advantage of the free hand outs and candy from neighboring businesses, radio stations, and student floats in the parade. And we were always on the look out for St. Thomas homecoming royalty, cheerleaders, and the UST mascot, “Tommie.”

VOICES | Election will inspire Blacks regardless of outcome by Matthew Little, Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder • It is generally agreed among all sides that this year’s presidential election will find its place in history as one of the most talked-about elections in the annals of American history. And for African Americans, it could prove to be the most meaningful event since the Emancipation Proclamation.


ARTS ORBIT | MMAA, in financial upheaval, to close public exhibition space by Jay Gabler • The Minnesota Museum of American Art has just announced that it will be temporarily—but indefinitely—closing its public exhibition space as of January 4, 2009. In announcing the decision, the museum cited “financial challenges” resulting in part from the museum’s leadership transition, the fact that the museum is being forced to vacate its current riverfront home, and the generally poor economic climate.

ENGAGE MINNESOTA | Proud to be an American Muslim by Tanweer Janjua • 11/7/08 • Muslims have been just good spectators of the political show from sidelines for too long.

KOLET INK | Dredging race out of the closet by Colette Davidson • It didn’t take long for the “Obama effect” to hit France. Just two days after the first African-American was elected president, the French are jumping on the chance to assess their own political makeup. The covers of nearly all the major newspapers this morning addressed the issue, with one poignant message on the cover of Libération: “The election of a bi-racial man to the White House puts in motion the debate about the weak presence of minorities among the French elite.”