Inside the Daily Planet, 11/7/08


THEATER | Chilling, unforgettable How I Learned To Drive by Lydia Howell, TC Daily Planet • The tenacious human drive for recognition, acceptance, and emotional connection is revealed in a totally unexpected place in Theatre Unbound’s production of Paula Vogel’s play How I Learned To Drive. This family comic-tragedy, which can stand as a contemporary classic with the finest works of Tennessee Williams, Arthur Miller, and August Wilson, made Vogel the first female playwright to win the Pulitzer Prize.

New program will better serve low- and medium-risk children and their families by Rev. Mary Flowers-Spratt, Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder • Last week’s column described the work of the Police Community Relations Council (PCRC) and the Unity Community Mediation Team over the past five-plus years, and our efforts to address the problem of out-of-home placements of our children. This week I want to describe the pilot project that has grown from these efforts.

Tubridy: Making art and saving Polaroid (or at least trying to) by Chris DeLine, TC Daily Planet • “When our company let everyone go after the dot-com crash,” says Sean Tubridy, “I went out on my own and haven’t looked back.” When his graphic design firm laid him off six years ago, Tubridy moved from Massachusetts to Minnesota, where he started his own company, Blue Over Blue. This week, he’ll be displaying his work at the Northrup King Building’s annual Art Attack open house.

LIFE OF CYN | Local bands’ best babymakin’ music by Cyn Collins, TC Daily Planet • Dear Cyn, I moved to the Twin Cities from the east coast a few months ago, and I’ve just started dating a very sexy, slightly older woman who’s fanatically into the local music scene. I want to satisfy her compulsive urge for local music especially at the most intimate moments, but I’m still a stranger here. Do you have any recommendations for Minnesota music to spin her into my arms?


THINK FORWARD | Hope-bama! by Anne Laure Constantin • 11/6/08 • Hope around the world
“And all those watching tonight from beyond our shores, from parliaments and palaces to those who are huddled around radios in the forgotten corners of the world—our stories are singular, but our destiny is shared, and a new dawn of American leadership is at hand.”

LOON COMMONS | Is the Customer Always Right? by Brian Devore • 11/6/08 • Ethanol in Olmsted County
Recent charges that the MPCA has been giving proposers of an Olmsted County ethanol plant most favored customer status need to be taken seriously: putting up a facility that will pump millions of gallons of water out of karst aquifers is no laughing matter. And it’s not just the direct environmental impacts of this facility that warrant scrutiny. One indirect impact of a giant ethanol plant in the region—more corn on the landscape—is of particular concern at a time when corn fertilizer pollution is already a major problem in the region.

ARTS ORBIT | Weekend what’s what 11/6-11/9: Art your heart out by l’etoile magazine staff • As the season gets chillier, the art index seems to be heating up! Eager to cram in as much creative co-mingling as possible before the snow falls, local arty-types are banding together all over the city this weekend. We recommend hitting up multiple stops for ultimate visual stimulation!

KOLET INK | Bring me home to my new America by Colette Davidson • I’ve been on the road now for almost ten years—hopping between countries, landing softly in Minneapolis from time to time to rest my wings, then parting again. Each experience brings a new flavor, a new host of challenges that puts the world in perspective. From these voyages, I have learned one thing—I am not proud to be an American. Until now.

ARTS ORBIT | Kate Nordstrum named Southern Theater Music Programming Director by Southern Theater staff, • Kate Nordstrum has been named music programming director of the Southern Theater. Already serving as the director of marketing and communications at the Southern, Nordstrum will take on the duties of the new part-time position officially beginning in November.