Inside the Daily Planet, 11/5/08


Long lines, pissed off voters and drinking games by Staff, TC Daily Planet • Read your neighbors’ stories below — and contribute your own election day stories, anecdotes, photos, and opinions. Click on Contribute News and submit your story directly or e-mail it to

Locally-made pond hockey documentary wins fans across the country by Jim Brunzell III, TC Daily Planet • Since having its world premiere and winning the “Best of Fest” award this past April at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Film Festival, the wonderfully entertaining sports documentary Pond Hockey has won fans across the country. On Wednesday the film returns for one last screening in the Twin Cities before its November release on DVD. The (mostly) locally-shot film depicts the U.S. Pond Hockey Championship, which takes place on Lake Calhoun. It follows some of the players in the tournament (including former Minnesota Gopher players Tyler Hirsch, Dave Spehar, and Matt Henderson) from the tournament’s beginning to its end.

Iowa company hit with nearly $10 million in fines for wage violations by Staff, Workday Minnesota • Agriprocessors, Inc., the site of a major immigration sweep in May, has been fined nearly $10 million by the state of Iowa for wage violations.


KOLET INK | It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day by Colette Davidson • 11/5/08 • OBAAAMMMMAAAA!!! I woke up magically at 5 am here in France and turned on the TV to see “Breaking News” on the screen. My eyes rapidly scrolled down – Obama had won the presidency.

ENGAGE MINNESOTA | Critical Thinking in the Face of Propaganda by Fedwa Wazwaz • 11/4/08 • The elections this year turned ugly as presidential candidate Barack Obama was continuously portrayed as a Muslim, with a hidden negative inference that being Muslim means that Obama supports terrorism, and that being Muslim means bad and ugly.

THINK FORWARD | Eat! Grub! by Allison Page • 11/4/08 • When I was growing up, the word “grub” meant only two things: a thick-bodied larva that burrowed beneath my parents’ grass, and food. But for Bryant Terry—eco-chef, author, Kellogg Food and Society Policy Fellow, and food justice advocate—and Anna Lappé, “grub” refers to food that is healthy, local and sustainable, and that supports community and justice. Grub should be available to everyone.